Call adoptr!

Call adoptr!

We at adoptr pride ourselves, that we don’t just think out of the box. We don’t even live in the same area code as the box. We are also eager to get our know-how to the people who can benefit from it.

In cooperation with we are now offering the possibility to call an adoptr on the phone. For the small price of a little bit more than 4 dollars a minute (€ 3.71/Minute), Matteus will answer your question on topics within Supply Chain Management, Change- & Innovation management, Strategic Planning, and so much more.

The whole idea is to offer you a micro amount of know-how, for a reasonable price.

But remember, if you want to engage Matteus and the other adoptrs for a longer stint of times, or have the adoptrs help you with onsite Change Management, that is still possible!
But this platform is to help you with burning issues you need guidance with right now.

Matteus is personally very exited about this method of communicating with you. We are looking forward to talking to you on the phone!