Happy 4-month Anniversary, adoptr!

Behind the scenes: what is adoptr all about, what we do and most importantly: why?! 

We want to be transparent und want to give you insights in how we created the brand and what we do on a daily business.  

A different kind of birth 

On the 4th of March 2019 around 9.00h a.m. three of the currently five adoptr-team members started a new job at the PTS Group. The day started of with the classic onboarding programme, after which the whole adoptr team, which was still known as “Innovation and Change for Logistics and Retail”, got together. Normally the whole team would then get to know each other and maybe the first tasks would even be delegated.  

Not so for adoptr. At around 14.33h Christopher dropped the bomb: we weren’t actually the Team “Inno and Change”, but were going to establish our own brand/ spin-off.  

adoptr” and it’s meaning 

adoptr – early adoptr, adoption… these words are probably known to all of us and stand for the ability to adopt to new challenges quickly.  

Well, we have proven this, because on our first day of work it was clear at around 15.29h – we are adoptr 

So we created a homepage and ordered the first batch of merchandise, after having created a new logo.  

For anybody on the outside looking in, we were ready to go. But: doing what exactly? 

Innovation and Change 

We have the most diverse backgrounds: Engineer, head of logistics, e-business, start-up founder, shipping companies, logistics and retail. Not only have we worked in Germany, but also in: Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, Iceland and Cyprus.  

You could say that with an average of 30 years in age: New Workers at it’s best.  

But we are all connected by: the love of new technologies, thinking in processes and experience in change management.  

In today’s world one thing is pretty clear: you have to adopt in order to survive. The change is extremely fast. What was state-of-the-art yesterday, can be historic tomorrow. After a thorough analysis of the current market we were sure: especially the German SMBs need a guide. 

The German SMBs 

Hardly any other country in the world has so many SMBs as we have in Germany. Germany thrives on strong companies, who are market leaders and experts in what they do on a daily business.  

The many hidden champions are countless and unique. But one thing is clear: the speed at which new technologies are implemented cannot be kept up with by many companies.  

And this is exactly where we want to step in. We don’t want to sell a technology, just because we think it would be “chic” for you, but we want to adjust and improve your processes. That way we can ensure the satisfaction of employees, ease them from repetitive tasks and have them remain the center of the company.  

What makes us different? 

In our opinion, not every problem can be solved by implementing a new technology – but many can be by rethinking processes and structures. 

No matter which technology we might end up recommend, rest assured that we will have tried and tested it thoroughly.  

We don’t want to sell you something, that will not be used in the long-run and where a “shadow-IT” will be built – we want every employee to benefit.  

Speed and agility is the heart of our work. We want to offer you quick and competent assistance, without having sent an invoice for hundreds of working hours before the real work has even started. 


You might think: 5 people, averagely aged 30 – how on earth will the be able to safe the SMBs?  

My colleague tends to say the following: Who will be your customer in a couple year’s time? Who will be your employees? Your partners?  Exactly – US! 

What defines our generation is the building of networks. We do know that we won’t be able to provide any and every service out there – but thanks to our network, we will know somebody who does.  

It is said, that by a connection of seven people, we are somehow connected with every single person on earth. We haven’t tried, but it sounds valid.  

Every day new start-ups pop-up and new ideas and technologies published. We are trying to connect to the most crucial ones and therewith are able to build our product catalogue even further. 

Last, but not least… 

We learn from our mistakes and our victories and we value any feedback you would like to give us!  

You would like to hear more or get in touch? Please feel free to do so! You want to start building your own network: why not join the 12min.me movement, which has been known all over Germany and will finally start in Bremen on the 12th of September 2019.  

We are looking forward to this exciting trip! #adoptr #digitallifesaver