Our Services

Design Thinking, Lean Management and other (creative) workshops

Workshops, trainings and bootcamps are ideal possibilities to build new teams, create new ideas and school yourself in an easy-going and creative way.

You have to prepare a pitch or streamline your ideas? We will guide you through this process and develop the perfect bootcamp to meet your requirements!

We want to assist you. Thanks to our theoretical and practical know-how and expertise in these areas, we are able to offer the best opportunities for your wishes!

At the end of each training you will receive a certificate of participation.

Or do you simply want to receive input, fuelled by a creative scenario? We’ve got you and we’ll design the perfect interactive get-together.

In our “Demystifying-Series” we demystify the buzzwords of today’s digital world: AI, Lean Management, Augmented Reality in an evening. Do you have a topic or a these that you would like demystified? Let us know and in 10 days we’ll have it prepared and ready for presentation for a group of people – you decide how many you’d like to invite to join!

How to make the most of your shitstorm? Management by GIF? We’ll give you an insight to new ideas and management approaches in our innovative and unique talks.

On your way to a business meeting and need a pep talk and some preparation? We’ll join you on your ride and think with you and “train you on the go”! No matter the destination or the time you’re travelling – we’ll join you!

Innovations come at extremely short intervals, which makes it hard to follow along! As soon as you have gotten to know a product, the new one is already around the corner!

We’ll help you find the perfect innovative idea to support your business. No matter if product, tool or partner, our extensive network offers a broad array of partners. We’ll find just the right start-up or experienced company to up your business!

With experience in Innovation Management we’ll guide and help you to stay state-of-the-art!

You’re a start-up with a great idea? You’ve built a tool with a new technology, have analysed smart processes and have a real interest in businesses in the economy? Great! Get in touch and together we’ll find a way to build a partnership!

During this fast time of change, it is of crucial importance to have the right change management. It is extremely important to onboard every employee to have success. There are hints and techniques, that are decisive for change.

What else is essential? A reliable partner, who cares for details and helps you in a sustainable manner to make change happen for your employees and your company!

Longstanding partnerships are our idea of a great business, therefore no matter if you are a small or a medium sized company or have many locations – we’ll offer support during the change process and beyond!