Our Team




Christopher is our calm and experienced leader, who knows intuitively how to motivate his colleagues and partners in just the right way!

Communication is key for Christopher and it comes easily to him: He radiates a positivity and drive, that make it impossible not to be inspired! No matter how complex and complicated an issue is, Christopher’s professional, but easy-going nature makes it easy to follow along anyway.

With his diverse background and his affinity for the newest technologies, Christopher questions processes and finds solution-based options for the best approach.

The statement: “Sometimes you have to change perspectives to see new approaches” perfectly describes, why Christopher is perfect for adoptr: thinking outside the box, motivating teams and leading the way – all of this comes easy to him!

In addition to expertise in Innovation and Projectmanagement, Christopher adds knowledge in retail and controlling to the adoptr team!



Franzi’s passion are technologies of the future, which she wants to push with adoptr and build innovative partnerships and cooperations!

That’s why she is the perfect match for adoptr: as a structured networker with an international background, she loves working with a young and innovative team, that does not lack ideas and where flexibility is key – especially for clients and partner!

Two innovative digital leaders have inspired Franzi especially: Yuval Noah Harari, with whom she would like to talk about the digital future (of Germany) and Christoph Keese, who aims for a similar goal: saving the German industry from the digital death.

In addition to expertise in Innovation and Projectmanagement, Franzi adds knowledge in maritime logistics and digital implementation & communication to the adoptr team!



Matthias is our mastermind for complex issues, which thanks to his expertise and quick understanding, he can decipher easily! Engaged and uncompromising he stands for adoptr and is perfectly suited for our multidisciplinary team, which stays on the right track during the times of change!

Matthias is ideally suited to work on diverse projects with an array of customer, that will profit from his factual style and professional mannerism. As a part of adoptr, Matthias wants to lay the way for a promising future nixing any anxiety that may arise in our customers and partners.

That he is a great analyst and thinks outside the box shows in his favourite saying: “Problems will never be solved by thinking the same way they arose.” (Albert Einstein).

Bernard Moitessier is the one person he would like to sail the world with, but until then he is perfectly situated within the adoptr team.

In addition to expertise in Innovation and Projectmanagement, Matthias adds knowledge in the maritime business and engineering to the adoptr team!



Marius is the creative genius of our group – in a matter of seconds he comes up with the most intricate ideas and puts them in a presentable form, which will convince even the most sceptical partner.

When asking Marius what encourages him to do his best daily, he answers without hesitation: he wants to design the digital change, drive innovations and fully use potentials!

And that is why we need him to be a part of adoptr: he is the perfect addition to the young and diverse group, and he appreciates the opportunity to try out new things, the diversity and the strong team mentality.

Marius is not scared of a challenge, quite the opposite actually: “We didn’t choose to go to the moon because it is easy, but because it’s hard”, this statement from JFK and his innovative idol Elon Musk ideally describe why Marius is a great adoptr: fearless, creative, extremely reliable and full of vigour!

In addition to expertise in Innovation and Projectmanagement, Marius adds knowledge in change management and coaching to the adoptr team!



Matteus is the debater of our team and with his uncompromising honesty he stands for the truly important topics, which he underlines with his solid industry know-how.

He appreciates the strong team mentality, that every idea is valued and especially the support from the umbrella company “PTS”. Thanks to his background, Matteus wants to bring simple and handy software solutions to the industry in order to find a way to nix “everyday problems”.

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” This statement is Matteus’ daily companion and he would love to assist you in your change process (you can choose from a variety of eight different languages!).

In addition to expertise in Innovation and Projectmanagement, Matteus adds knowledge in supply chain management and change management to the adoptr team!