Bye bye paper chaos – hello Smartwork!


Even though we live in a digital world a lot of processes are still done in form of paperwork. Is this even digital? Can a digital process rely on paperwork?

If you should ask us, then most definitely not! Digitalization also means, to make processes smart and use technologies in a way, that tasks are made easier und less errors are made.

I would like to introduce you to an everyday example: the maintenance, inspection and repairs of equipment on kid’s playgrounds. Just imagine the following process: the office clerk needs to create the job in the company’s ERP-system. This job is printed on several large pages, which the mechanic takes with him to the inspection onsite. The mechanic will then do his best to fill in the details of the inspection and return the pages to his colleague in the office, who then must use his imagination to decipher the writing and key everything back into the ERP-System.

Already whilst writing and reading this text one notices, how over-elaborate this process is. Just keep in mind, that this process regards the safety of the kid’s playgrounds equipment and safety – so is this really “state-of-the-art”?

Absolutely no! That’s why the PTSGroup developed smartwork, which includes a web-application and a mobile-app. Therefore, nothing needs to be printed, instead the jobs and checklists are created in the ERP System and automatically sent to the web- and mobile-device. The mechanic enters all details via his mobile application which runs on his smartphone, and the data is transferred back in real-time.

Additionally, everything is legible and even better: pictures and electronic signatures can be added. The process is made easier and less prone to errors.

But why do we still use so many manual processes? Why is digitalization automatically brought into connection with Holo-Lenses, Augmented Reality and Robotics, even though it can be made so much more tangible?

Especially in (Germany’s) small and medium-sized companies process optimization is a central topic. Many operational steps are inefficient and prone to errors. That’s where smartwork steps in and makes work smarter and digital. Smartwork may be used in any industry sector and is customizable.

Smartwork is quickly implementable, without having too many consultants for too long, interfaces to pretty much any operational system are possible, and the costs are clear and comprehensible, which make it especially interesting for smaller and medium-sized companies.

Our motto is: let’s start making processes smart, before we start implementing new technologies – a blockchain doesn’t make everything better, at least not in the fist step of the way. Firstly, let’s work on a smooth change process for our colleagues and employees and relieve them from unnecessary busy work. That’s the way to save money and time, all thanks to smartwork.