The business relation revolution

adoptr the business relations revolution

The Business Relation Revolution

If you have met me on the road the last couple of months, you have for sure heard my speech on how I believe the way we do business will fundamentally change in the next couple of years. If you haven’t heard my speech, here is your chance.


We only win, if the other guys lose…

For decades, this was the usual business Mantra. The notion of being able to “win” a business deal or negotiation, was key to the self-confidence of any Suit travelling the world.  What was important was the “Sale” or the upper-hand over the person you were doing business with. Ruthlessness was not only a trait; it was something you were proud of. It was showing the world that you were the Alpha-male/female of industrial grade packaging business or flannel shirt import business, or whatever other business you were a doing at the time. You were idolized by your peers, even pop-culture idolized the you the ruthless businessman (See the Wall Street Franchise). Nevertheless, this is now changing – why?

The Great Recession, The Internet & Millennials taking over

Wait, what? But these things are all 10 Years apart? How are they connected, and what do they have to do with changing tide in business relations?

So, let’s start with the Great Recession of 2008. If anything, it illustrated that the way of doing business until then was not perfect… not only was it not perfect, it was directly flawed. Because of this eagerness to “win”, it fostered an immense amount of greed and dishonesty, factors that in the end were the reason for the Great Recession. Enter the fray: Millennials. No other group of people was affected by the Great Recession as much as the Millennials. They were now graduating, realizing that the “scorched earth” business world didn’t need them. So for all the crap that Millennials have had to take being called lazy, spoiled and entitled, it was also the generation, that had to settle for SOME JOB, or working two jobs or being faced with comments like “We need somebody with experience…”.

So now for our final player in this all: the internet. Millennials maybe did not have the experience to enter the world of business, but they did one thing better than anybody else: The Internet. Nobody really owns the Internet, but it certainly has its master: its master are the Millennials.

The Business Relation Revolution

The internet did not only fundamentally change the way we do business, it is also changing the way we relate to each other when we do Business. The Internet does not allow you deal in sub-par products (oh hell, the internet doesn’t even allow you to deal in par products). If you are not providing the market with quality, regardless of what you do, the reaction will be instant and blunt. There are no winners in business anymore, for a deal to be a success everybody has to benefit from it. This not only lifts everybody involved collectively, it also builds trust and lasting partnerships.

The Network

The idea of partnerships has not only changed the way we do business, but also the way we develop new ideas and products. No business is an island. Huge corporations have given up on being able to do everything themselves and have joined forces with other huge corporations (even formers foes) to create something spectacular, so that they in the end can dazzle the customer with an awesome experience. The best example I have for this, is in my own home town. The big employer in town: Volkswagen has just announced joining forces with Amazon on a scope of projects, whether it is Cloud infrastructure, or integrating Alexa into VW Cars, or even more cool stuff. The thing is, that both companies have realized, that they are experts in their fields and for anything else cooperations are the way to go.

We at adoptr….

Are not only huge fans of this way of thinking…. We live it, we build our business on this principle. I can tell you right now we have our fields of expertise, we are procedural fanatics, we are change management gurus, but we have things we simply cannot do. And if I was to specify everything individually, this article would become extremely long. But what we also do well, is building networks. Thanks to this skill, we have so much access to so many cool things, that we as a company can offer you an awesome experience. And by the way, in case of the fact, that we can´t help you we will tell you so, we will not waste YOUR time, that is our promise.